In the market for a welding services contractorTurn to Forster Fabrication and you will be delighted with the results we can deliver! Regardless of the size and complexity of your welding needs, we are ready to take on and complete any metal repair or manufacturing job in southern California now including Simi Valley, CA. Our team has been involved in numerous projects and is experienced in working in different industries such as structural steel buildings, customized part manufacturing, heavy duty equipment repair, customizing off-road vehicles, installing iron and steel fencing, decorative gates, etc.



     Forster Fabrication was founded out of our passion for designing and using metal for various practical and decorative creations. During our many years of work, we have developed and extended our knowledge in different metal fabrication fields which makes us an indispensable partner for both residential or commercial clients. We are able to work equally well on interior and exterior tasks and we provide both in-shop and on-site services. Unlike others, we have extensive expertise in a wide range of welding services and we can consult you on the choice of the proper materials, designs, and techniques that will match your needs and requirements.

     Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you will be entrusting your project into the hands of an acknowledged, proficient contractor. We take great pride in our reputation and we never allow ourselves to offer anything less than the top results you deserve. We will be honored to bring our appreciation for quality metal fabrication to you and deliver the final products that will serve you and make you proud for many years to come. If you need us for an urgent repair task or a complex welding project in Simi Valley, CA, or another locality anywhere in Southern California simply give us a call at (951)-210-8930



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