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Stainless Steel


          Here at Forster Fabrication, we are known for our ability to bring your custom metal fabrication projects and designs to completion. Our wide range of knowledge, skill sets, planning, and equipment brings our company the ability to overcome obscure hurdles that can arise in the construction industry.  


         Fabricating and welding metal is a specialty skill that requires proper planning. Our design team is a department within Forster Fabrication, not a separate company. This makes our design-build delivery method very ideal when working with us, because we develop, we deploy the solution, we manage the budget, and we stay on-task to ensure we meet your schedule. (click here to learn more about our planning services)

         Our team has a flexible skill set that can build unique projects that require vast knowledge and understanding from a variety of different backgrounds. One way that we demonstrate this is by being precise and versatile when it comes to welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. We understand that each project can be unique in materials, size, and shape. Our company exists for your convenience to turn a seemingly impossible job into completion. If you need us for an urgent repair task or a complex welding project in Simi Valley, CA, or another locality anywhere in Southern California simply give us a call at (951)-210-8930





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