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For Our Commercial Or Residential Welding Services

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            Forster Fabrication is experienced with healthcare OSHPD inspected metal fabrication work. Our staff at Forster Fabrication has a seamless reputation with custom turn key metal fabrication designs, installs, and repairs. We are skilled, staffed, and equipped to provide in house CAD designs for commercial and residential properties.  Our staff is knowledgeable and organized in their ability to document welding procedures. We are equipped with the proper machinery that is capable of providing your project with precision and detail to be structurally sound and esthetically pleasing to the eye. Our Company, Forster Fabrication is a structural steel welding contractor that is successfully working with residential and commercial clients in Simi Valley, CA and many other surrounding areas. We are ready and capable of helping you with all of your fabrication or repair needs and we offer both in-shop and mobile services.

Forster Fabrication’s Services Include:​

  • Healthcare OSHPD Inspected Projects

  • Design and Engineering 

  • Decorative and Ornamental Welding

  • Custom Metal Fabrication and Installation 

  • Commercial/Residential 


Our Team is Experienced In:

  • Sheet Metal

  • Structural Steel Welding

  • Steel

  • Stainless Steel 

  • Aluminum 

 Why Use Our Welding Services

         Our services offered here at Forster Fabrication enables us to offer you an enhanced degree of communication through the use of our in house design build facility. This process can help facilitate project delays and help your project to stay on budget. (Click Here To Read More About Design Build )

          Using a skilled metal fabricator is beneficial for long term cost-efficiency, durability, and diversity. Welding is not an easy task though and requires special knowledge and skills as well as the right equipment and techniques to deliver the required results when working with iron and steel. 

         We are proud to be among the leading licensed welding companies in the Simi Valley, CA area that can provide you with comprehensive customer service and promptly assist you with all your welding and fabrication needs. We utilize only high-quality welding supplies without manufacturer defects and we use metal materials with the appropiate thickness for each project made to withstand corrosion. We ensure the proper design, uniform welding, powder coating, and sealing of all metal items to prevent the collection of condensation, give an appealing look to the final products, and make them resistant to scratching and wearing. With us, your project’s budget and time frame are secured because we never cut corners on our planning, manpower, proper equipment, and safety measures.

To book us for a welding job or to get an estimate, call us today and we will respond in a timely manner!




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