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Design Build 

           Design Build is a project delivery system that is one of the most significant trends in the industry today. The method delivers a single contract between the builder and the owner of the project. In Design Build all contractual responsibility falls under one entity: The Design Build Contractor

           As the design progresses, the Design Builder will need to keep an eye on the budget and make value engineering decisions along the way to ensure that the project budget does not get off-track. For this reason, the design builder must be versed in understanding both what the design team shows on the plans and what is required to complete the project. 

            Our customers most complex projects involve unforeseeable shifts in system requirements- sometimes in the middle of a project. By starting each project with engineering, we can alter our plans quickly if and when those shifts arise. The ability to pivot mid-project enables us to solve systems-level challenges before customers are constrained by a finished design. The results: Greater creativity, higher efficiency, and the ability to deliver truly customized solutions. 

          Now used widely throughout the industry, design-build helps save customers time and money, but the problems inherent in this approach relate to the design/build contractors natural skill set. They're either primarily a design firm or they're a builder- but they are not strong in both areas. 


Why Us?

             Our services at Forster Fabrication makes us a unique company when it comes to design build, because instead of outsourcing CAD design to delegate the project, we have an in house design department within the company's building. Our design team is a department within Forster Fabrication, not a separate company. This makes the design-build project delivery method very ideal when working with us, because we develop, we deploy the solution, we manage the budget, and we stay on-task to ensure we meet your schedule. 

              Here at Forster Fabrication, Design-build construction has quickly become our company's most successful project delivery method. Our company, Forster Fabrication, acts as the single point of contact to the project owner, which makes us responsible for ensuring that the design/construction process meets all budget, schedule and performance requirements. Our robust project planning, cost estimating and constructability analysis background provides the framework to guide the design team from concept to construction documents. All project stakeholders-including the owner, builder, designer, and any other project consultants-work on the same team, to meet the same objectives and ultimately create a successful project. 

                We provide team leadership here at Forster Fabrication, and a single-point of responsibility. Our company, Forster Fabrication, assigns a team comprised of experts in the type of facility your building, and we place our senior-level executive in an active role to manage the overall effort. Our design/build services  here at Forster Fabrication, eliminates your responsibility for coordinating activities between the designer and the builder. Our staff here at Forster Fabrication includes professionals in many areas, from estimating, scheduling and procurement, to construction administration, safety, quality, and cost control. 

                 This turn key solution covers all aspects of design and construction management and offers a unique platform to save you time and money. 

                 Clients who choose to streamline the construction process by using our design/build services here at Forster Fabrication do not sacrifice their construction project's quality or performance. We infuse the same care into design/build projects as we do to our construction management initiatives, devoting identical staff, management systems and resources. Our company Forster Fabrication, truly delivers design/build services that are the best of all worlds. 





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